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The Pawfect Match

Royal Purple Poop Bag Holder

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Do you tie poop bags to your dog’s leash? Have you ever run out of bags and didn’t realize until it was too late? Looking for a poop bag holder with just a little extra room?

You’re in the right place! Our poop bag holders were designed to fit two standard rolls or one roll and a small item. Our personal combo? One roll and treats!

Our holders also conveniently clip right onto our leashes and is easy to refill with a zipper opening.

The ‘Royal Purple’ poop bag holder is the perfect shade of purple!


Refill opening: zipper
Capacity: two standard rolls or roll + treats/keys/credit card/airpods
Attachment type: swivel clip
Interior: padded mesh
Exterior: neoprene blend
To clean, hand wash with mild soap and water.