About Us

Meet Adele & Rosie

Hey, my name is Adele and I am the founder and CEO of The Pawfect Match! Meet my dog, Rosie, the inspiration behind The Pawfect Match. When shopping for her accessories and gear, it was difficult to find coordinating sets that came in solid colors or in trendy prints. What was my solution? To try to match her accessories as best as I could and to start working on my own brand!

With a background in production and graphic design, I began by designing six patterns and six corresponding solids, which would give customers the option to mix and match sets to suit their individual tastes. I worked on creating products that are stylish, yet durable, with details that make for a more comfortable user experience.

All us dog lovers + owners can agree that our dogs are our best friends and deserve to be styled in fashionable, comfortable accessories!

Wondering what my current favorite set is?

You know how people say they don't have a favorite child or a favorite dog?

The same goes for my designs... Meaning, it depends on the day!