Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Will I be charged if I pre-order an item?

All pre-order items will be shipped out by ____. You will be charged now and receive your items shortly! 

2. I have a discount code but it didn't work when I tried to order a bundle set.

 As of now, discounts don't apply to bundles but stay tuned :)

3. Mix and match

To Dye For Set  matches Rosie Pink Set

Fall Out Daisies Set matches Orange Set

Indognito Set matches Eucalyptus Green Set

Don't Hound Me Set matches Winter Blue Set

Sunset Boulevard Set matches Purple Set

Plaid Set matches Gray Set


4. What does your gift message card look like?

For FREE, you can include a gift messages card addressed to the person (and dog!) you are sending your gift to and signed by your name! Below is an image of what that special card looks like ;) Every card measures 4x6 inches.

Harness Questions

1. The large size for the harness isn't big enough for my dog, what should I do?

We are looking into getting larger sizes and different styles to accommodate all dogs! For now, you can order any other accessories to match a harness that you already have.

2. What is the hook on the front of the harness used for?

Our harnesses have a hook on the front in addition to the standard hooks so you could have the choice of using the harness as a front pull harness!


Poop Bag Holder Questions